~A Book of Princesses~

A Book of Princesses. (Three Princess Stories for Kids 5 -10 years)


This book is a collection of three stories about princesses:

1.The Princess of the Winds
Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Windyrella. Her father was the God of the Four Winds: the East wind, the West wind, the North wind and the South wind. When Windyrella was fifteen years old, her father took her away from the kingdom to live in a tower which was guarded by the four winds. She was very sad because she missed her best friend Oberon.
One day, Oberon decided that he would rescue Windyrella from the tower and prove to her father than he was strong enough to protect her. He knew that it would have been impossible for him to defeat the four winds at once. Therefore, he decided to trick them.

2. The Princess and the Butterfly Clip
A princess received a butterfly clip as a family heirloom. It allowed her to see two hours into the future. She grew very attached to it. Her parents became worried about her ability to become a good queen and leader. They then decided to play a trick on her in order to teach her a lesson about the need to rely on her own senses, rather than the butterfly clip.

3. The Princess and The Magical Crayons
A birthday present transports a young girl into a magical world of adventure.

Being a princess is not just about fun and games. Read about how the princesses overcame their challenges and of how they lived happily ever after.



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